Podcast with Nomi Sharan: Communicating with a Growth Mindset

Nomi and I met (virtually) in 2019 for a collaborative international teaching project with undergraduate students. Nomi was interested in creating a virtual exchange with her students, and she reached out to me as I was also teaching undergrads English in professional settings. Then Covid happened, and we missed out on the opportunity to collaborate. However, we have been in touch ever since! From absolutely two extremes of the world, Nomi in Israel and me in Colombia, we discovered we both shared a passion for communication skills development. We finally got the chance to co-create a Growth Mindset communication workshop which implied designing two sessions and creating flipped content through a podcast! It was such a fun and enriching experience! I am grateful to Nomi for this opportunity.

In this post, I want to share the podcast Nomi and I created for this workshop in which you can learn about what a Growth Mindset is and some tips and reflections on the connection of mindset and communication.

Here is a more comprehensible video of the podcast with subtitles (also created for the workshop).

Video edited on Kapwing

Let me tell you about Nomi. She is an Israeli-American Business English coach and workshop facilitator who specializes in communication skills development. Over the course of her career, she has helped executives and teams develop advanced communication skills and become more confident and effective communicators in a multicultural environment. Her passion is creating meaningful group sessions that build trust and connection in teams.

Here are two ways you can get in touch with her and learn about what she does:

If you happen to hear this podcast, let me know what you think. Drop a comment below!

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10 thoughts on “Podcast with Nomi Sharan: Communicating with a Growth Mindset”

    1. Thanks fo your question. Since we had met online, it didn´t really interfere with the way we were collaborating already!

    1. Great question! I would say we discovered that we have a similar passion for communication, growth mindset and dynamic teaching methods, which made our collaboration smooth in the way we openly communicated our opinions, expectations and ideas.

    1. Great question. This was a really fun and enlightening collaboration. Nomi and I have our unique style of presenting, but similar in the dynamic apporach. We learned from each other and came up with new ideas to teach together, which was such a great challenge. Clear communication was key as there was a need to understand the context of the participants of this workshop to tailor the workshop to those needs. We set dates to connect synchronoulsy and assigned specific tasks to plan and design content asynchronously. It was really a lovely experience!

    1. Thanks for this question. I learned that collaboration from two different cultures and very different time zones is absolutely possible when you have clear communication, are willing to be flexible with meeting times, and are open to the other person’s ideas and perspectives. We are both very passionate about what we do and committed to providing quality workshops, so that made our meetings exciting and fluent.

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